Flitch Travel

Project overview

Following a staff buy-out, the proven cocktail of a passion for travel mixed with a personal customer service ethos resulted in the new owners enjoying a highly successful period despite a lacklustre logo and ageing website. Wishing to truly showcase the business as THE place for exclusive luxury travel, the principals recognised that a high quality service must be led by a high quality brand and a modern website.

Stunning imagery

Luxury destination photos should be enchanting, beguiling and irresistible, but they must also be of the highest quality. The owners requested imagery from hotels and resorts but most didn't cut the mustard. We therefore struck a deal to plunder our online stock image subscription so that we could source the 'perfect' photo. Searching, comparing, testing within designs, and then preparing for web or for print is our greatest challenge, yet very rewarding.

Brand asset
Colour palette
Aspirational photography
Aspirational photography
Aspirational photography

The overall objective was to ensure the imagery and emotive propositions generated sales enquiries. With a simple and enjoyable user experience, we were commissioned to rewrite the supplied copy to strike a happy balance between reader enjoyment and effective SEO* (Search Engine Optimisation), thus helping the website appear in searches for key phrases. *SEO is a complex subject that requires investment to improve results.

Aspirational photography
Aspirational photography
Aspirational photography
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