Project overview

LifeLab is coordinated by Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement, partnering with The Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Babraham Institute, with funding from the European Commission for ‘European Researchers’ Night’ (ERN).​ Our challenge was to create a vibrant brand with supporting tools that would enable the rollout of a series of activities, telling the stories of researchers, organisations and Cambridge’s scientific heritage.

Brand presentation

Because of the nature of the project, we recognised that we were working with a team, and not just one decision maker - the final choice was to be decided by committee. We therefore presented a range of four looks, each deliberately individual in style to provide clear options for choice. Happily, the selection made was also our favourite version that our design team could develop with confidence.

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Brand asset

The cornerstone of any business or organisation, a website can be passive or interactive. The LifeLab project itself was to be a moving feast over a period of three years, with constantly evolving content for the planned events - up-to-date information was key to its success. We therefore created a CMS site that could be updated in-house by our client. With support from VRVE in the background, they were now self-sufficient.

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LifeLab was a new initiative planned for one weekend in September. Educating the public to inform, motivate interest and then attendance was hugely important if the event was to be deemed a success. VRVE were tasked to design and supply a whole suite of materials, e.g. programmes, water-resistant maps, booklets, t-shirts, lanyards, ID fobs and posters. The public were also kept informed by all social media channels sporting a consistent brand.

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