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Project overview

Smartpod was conceived by Morelli Group to bring SMART repairs into established accident repairers with full bodyshop facilities. A network of ‘pods’ would be available to bring professionalism and convenience, with repaired-same-day speed and online booking ease. VRVE were required to develop the look and feel, establish the website user journey and create a distinctive brand ready to be rolled out consistently to franchisees across the UK.


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Smart thinking

Colourful and funky, the brand look and feel were carefully considered to stand out from the crowd and provide customer-level reassurance that the product would provide the quality and convenience they were looking for. The “Tender Loving Repair” tag-line was deliberately chosen to introduce an emotive quality to what is usually a functional and dispassionate process, aligning the service and customer relationship while reinforcing “you’re in safe hands”.


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Colour palette

Proud expression

The two target audiences, customer and franchisee, required subtly different approaches, resulting in the brand expression following two distinct paths. The “Tender Loving Repair” ethos pervades the customer side, building brand awareness through online and print advertising media while the “Driven By Morelli” angle to franchisees carries the weight and credibility of one of the industry’s main players to install high product confidence and trust.


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