IKEA Everyday furniture?

Project overview

The world’s biggest furniture dealer, IKEA, were sponsoring the Edinburgh Design Festival and wanted to challenge pre-conceptions of their ready-to-assemble furniture designs. Based around six “design classics”, objects that have been long-term best sellers, the brief was to elevate them beyond the everyday and put them on show - an interesting exercise for the skilled, specific audience but also a handily engaging bit of brand marketing!

Challenging perception

We branded the project from start to finish and directed a photo shoot which took the objects away from their perceived identity and place. We injected a highly-focused sense of colour and disrupted the physical lines of each piece, bringing an artistic lifestyle quality to the ordinary, everyday objects. Contrasting and complimentary palettes, exaggerated flow of curve and line and abstract image cropping capture interest and challenge perception.

Ensuring engagement

We wanted to convey a sense of the brand in action within the exhibition environment. From the exhibition space itself to the engaging marketing materials, the strong brand flowed through the entire exercise and resulted in a highly engaging presence that stood proud in esteemed company. Postcards, invites, brochures and the imposing exhibition stand all challenged perception while keeping true to the company’s overall brand messages and values.

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