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Andersons property agents needed a stand-out brand to differentiate themselves in a formulaic and highly-stereotyped sector. They wanted to convey their sophisticated offering and personality alongside their brand values of approachability and customer service, appealing more to high-end property investors than owner-buyers. Their website needed to reflect the above while providing the necessary functionality to adequately showcase their properties.


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A serif font was chosen to reflect Anderson’s traditional class and sophistication. Then we used a contrasting colour palette, mixing purple refinement with turquoise vibrancy, with the potential to change weighting to tailor the feel for different applications. Impactful modern imagery and abstract textures create a sense of the organic and convey lifestyle space beyond mere bricks and mortar - a deliberate departure from usual estate agent imagery.


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Colour palette
Abstract detail
Visual texture
Dimensional environment


Designed to “showcase” as opposed to “sell”, with strong calls to action to engage with the team, Anderson’s website is attractive and usable on all devices with an emotive structure and imagery intended to sell the dream rather than just the house. The bespoke Content Management System allows the team to manage their own content from start to finish, with a level of detail that competes with the highest industry standard.


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The strong brand extends through all marketing materials, again deliberately designed to be different to the industry norm. Brand values are consistently reinforced by blending lifestyle elements with functional information. Eye-catching and emotive, the appeal is aimed at investors and high-end clientele. With a high degree of personal touch, potentials are invited to connect and become part of Anderson’s ultra-professional sphere.


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